Entered on 2002-01-05 at 6:49 p.m..

Back in Britian

Yes folks, I'm back safe and sound in Cranfield! My trip began late Wednesday evening, thanks to a freak snow storm that tore through the southeast late Wednesday night and on into Thursday. So mom and I piled up the white car with my bags and headed for the Krisingers. We spent Thursday morning bumming around Tyson's Corners in DC, and I got a much needed haircut. Then off to the airport. We got there REALLY early, but it paid off because I was upgraded to Premium Economy, which was great. More leg, elbow, and reclining room.

I arrived in London early on Friday morning and made my way to Monica's friend of mine in London. . I then set out to visit the scholarship coordinator, Mary, to talk about how much flexibility I have to mix and match the Marshall Scholarship with my NSF money. Unfortunatly, none. I either take one completely or the other. I was hoping to take just the NSF stipend, but the Marshall Commission doesn't get my money back, and therefore they cannot use it to fund someone else's third year. So I could take the NSF, where my living stipend would double, but I'm not sure if their tuition alotment would be enough to cover 15,000 lbs. I have to work the numbers.

From there I was off to Hyde park and then the Victoria and Albert museum. While I was walking I noticed that I was developing a nasty cough. I just left this blasted Island sick, surely I get at least two days of good health. I should have known better when the Pilot announced that the temperature on the ground in Londong was 20 degrees.

The park was beautiful!! There is a large lake in the middle of it, that was partially frozen. I got a kick out of watching some small seagulls walking on ice. They were actully pretty good at it. The V&A museum, was exqusite. I wish I had been feeling better, because I almost didn't make it through an hour tour.

From there I headed back to Monica's missing my scarf, terribly. By this time I was coughing heavily. I never left Monica's that night and she treated me to a bowl of Hunt's Tomatoe soup Have I mentioned that Hunts should not be allowed to make soup.

After about 14 hours of sleep, last night and only feeling marginally better, I decided to cut my London trip short. I wanted to get back to my bed and pillows. So here I am safe and sound. The only problem is that I have no food, and no desire to leave my nice warm house. Tonight I had a bowl of rice. It felt good on my throat, and filled what little appetite I had.

Tomorrow I will drag my body out of bed to go buy groceries, and will finish un-packing.

The best thing about returning home was all the mail I had accumulated. I received a belated Birthday cards from Brian and Mr.Spearman. I also got my official copy of my car's registration, as well as other things I had been waiting for.

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