Entered on 2002-01-22 at 8:59 a.m..

Just another Tuesday

Well yesterday was rather normal. Some of the highlights included attending lectures on flight controls where the professor classified a situation when your gyros fail as "Its a bye-bye world situation." I found this statment extremely amusing, but no one else laughed or even giggled, so I just wrote it down to share later. The other research students and I are also mobilizing. Yesterday we had a brainstorming session to discuss all of the things we think are wrong/need to be improved. The first thing on our list was a telephone capable of calling anywhere in the UK, not just half of the Cranfield campus.

Other than that the day was boring. I worked late on my literature review write up. I'm not really pleased with it, but that is because I am not clear on the difference between error and uncertainty. Today should prove to be more of the same.

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