Entered on 2002-01-25 at 4:36 p.m..

Boeing Meeting II

Sorry for posting so late today, I was in a meeting with Boeing for a long part of the day. I was presenting my research proposal to them and getting some questions answered about what would be most useful to them. The meeting went really well and I got a lot of questions answered. The experience however of sitting between my supervisor and the Boeing guy I find very nerve racking. I can only imagine how a translator feels when sitting between two heads-of-state. Watching each other size the other one up, and wishing that I didn't really have to be there. Right now I'm extremely tired, and genuinely glad today is Friday.

Of course now the real work begins. My supervisor asked me to put together a timeline and an chapter-level outline of my thesis. And as I sit here staring at my time line, I'm beginning to think, my god, where is the time going. Right now I'm trying to decide when to go out to Seattle for an extended visit. I'm fairly sure it would be helpful, but am not sure if the time would be as productive as I'd like. The upside is that I'd get to spend some time with Irwin and the crew in Seattle. The way I see it, I could go out either in October or in Jan-Feb. There are ups and downs to both.

This of course is prefered to me going to Boeing this summer, which was proposed today. I really don't want to go to Seattle in the summer. I've just suffered through an English winter, I feel entitled to an English summer. I will be trying my hardest to keep that reality from coming true.

No great plans for the weekend. Making up the timeline has scared me enough, so I'll probably be in tomorrow. I have a volleyball game on Saturday afternoon, and at some point I have to put together the shelves I bought for my room. I'm amazed at how cheaply I can find some things, and how expensive others are. The shelves cost me less than $25.

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