Entered on 05 September 2003 at 8:31 a.m..

Car Offer

Yesterday I showed my car to a couple of Italian boys (the interested party and his friend). Now the friend owned a Micra and was rather keen on my car. Aparently Guiseppi is not feeling well, so the friend drove the car instead and pronounced it a good car. Guiseppi is still a little hesitant about the color. Anyway he called me back last night and made me an offer of 1500, which he was unwilling to negotiate on, and I turned it down. I thought offering 1500 for a car advertised at 1950 with no more criticism than, you are afraid the color will affect the resale value (on a car which by that point will be 10 years old) was a little silly.

After having a night to think about it, however I'm beginning to think that 1500 isn't so bad, if I can get him to agree to let me keep it until the 22nd. So I think I'll call him back this afternoon. It isn't a bad price for the car (just less than I thought it was worth) and it would be really nice to have it off of my mind.

Oh, and the Asian dude never showed up.

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