Entered on 10 September 2003 at 11:44 a.m..

Wrapping things up

So, I'm still on a bit of a cloud after selling my car yesterday. So I decided to tackle the dreaded car rental. After two hours and several phone calls I finally secured a very good deal that will allow me to drive without the need for extra charges. I will need to produce about 3,000 forms of identification and address validation but it should work out in the end.

The weather has turned here and fall is starting early. The leaves have turned and are beginning to fall with alarming speed. I'm back to wearing sweaters and turning on my heater in the mornings.

In other good news, Sarah and Becca finally bought their tickets to Greece so now I can try to figure out how to get myself to Greece from Rome. All the while I'm still waiting for those chapters from Prof. Allerton and polishing the chapter's that he's already read.

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