Entered on 11 September 2003 at 8:40 a.m..

Worthless Supervisors

GRRR. So I'm just supposed to wait until it is convenient for him.

This was my supervisor's response when I asked where my chapters were:

Thanks for your call. I am a sorry that I have not been able to return your chapters. I managed to complete chapters 1 and 2 and am half way through chapter 3. I had hoped to find a spare couple of hours to complete chapter 3 and I also wanted to re-read all three chapters briefly, to get a view of the overall consistency. Unfortunately, I have not been able to schedule time to complete these chapters - I currently have 8 Sheffield MSc theses on my desk which need to be assessed by the 15th!

I have contacted the two examiners and am waiting for possible dates. I will do my best to complete the chapters, but today I have MSc project presentations from 9-1 and then an industrial liaison committee from 1-4. I am also trying to get my simulator software sorted out as the simulator arrives in the next 4 weeks.

GRRR. I wonder if he realizes that I will be turning my thesis in with our without his comments. And to make matters worse, I have found out that he has only today sent out an email to my examiners asking if to set up a date for my defense.

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