Entered on 17 September 2003 at 8:35 a.m..

Ice Cream Heaven

OK so I went to Tesco the other night to pick up a few things to get me through the next few days. I admit that there was no reason to go by the ice cream case, but I did anyway. And there I found my new favorite flavor

Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It is basically like cookie dough ice cream only it contains cinamon ice cream with oatmeal cookie dough instead. It is fantastic. I highly recomend it to anyone who isn't on a diet (because if you are this would just be cruel).

In other news, my supervisor did end up sending my chapters. I got them yesterday and have been translating them with the help of the rest of the office. Whoever said doctor's handwriting was the worst, has never met my supervisor. So far, however we have been successful at decifering all of the words.

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