Entered on 18 September 2003 at 9:28 a.m..


Not much going on here. I received Brian's comments today and am going to incorporate them as best I can.

However in Poquoson, all kinds of things are happening. My parents were told to evacuate at about 9pm last night, so they are off to Micha and Bob Savage's new house about 15 minutes inland from Poquoson. The Savages used to be our next door neighbors until about a month ago when tax laws forced them to move into one of their rental properties. I bet they are happy now.

Anyway, so I guess my parents are with them as it was a last minute change of plans sponsored by my mother, much to my father's distaste. If the storm doesn't get them, I hope they don't kill each other :) The storm looked like it was weaker than predicted, so I think the biggest threat now is the "storm surge" or flooding. Here's to hoping that our 9ft elevation is enough to keep the place dry. The worst part about them being so close to the coast is that it is much more likely that the power, phone, and cable lines will be down. So no communication with them for a few days...

I wonder if the mail is going through. I don't remember hurricanes being listed in the old saying, "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow... will stop the US postal service" Just one of those funny thoughts that pops into your head.

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