Entered on 19 September 2003 at 9:37 a.m..

Good bye to the Little Purple Car

This morning I handed over the keys to Giuseppi and said good bye to the Little Purple Car. As first cars go, she was a very good car. Hardly ever making a fuss, and happily taking me where ever I asked her to. In 50 years time I'll be able to look back and tell people that my first car was dark purple, the size of a shoe box, and right hand drive. In her I travelled the width and length of the country, from Thurso (norther tip of Scottland) to Bourenmouth (southern tip) from Norfolk (Eastern edge) to Bath (which isn't really the farthest point west, but close enough), and lots of places in between. I hope Giuseppi appreciates her as much as I have.

In other news, Isabel has now passed over my house and I am awaiting word on its status.

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