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Trip Itinerary

OK these are my plans for the next month. They are flexible, but at least you'll have an idea of where I think I'd be. I should have spotty access to the internet and to my email. I also intend to get an Italian sim card for my mobile phone, so I will post my italian phone number when I get it. It will be expensive to call me, but if you really need to find me, you can. Also I will be staying at HI youth hostels. So if you need to track me down you can go to http://www.ostellionline.org/ and look up the town I should be in and you can find the phone number. Remember: Parla Inglese, per favore? do you speak English. if they say 'si' then just keep talking (slowly). If they say 'no' then try: Posso parlare a Karen Can I speak with Karen?

22-24 Sept: Cranfield writing, packing, printing etc.

25-28 Sept: London sight seeing.

29-1 Oct: Venice, Ca' Vecenzia

2 Oct: Verona & Bologna

3 Oct: Travel to Naples, staying at the Cava De Tirreni

4-6 Oct: Naples area, staying at Cava De' Tirreni

7 Oct: Travel to Rome

8-10 Oct: Rome

11 Oct: Fly to Athens

12 Oct: Athens

13-17 Oct: Some random greek island.

18 Oct: Athens

19: Fly back to Rome and train on to Florence unless there is still something I want to see in Rome.

20 Oct: Florence

21-22 Oct: Bike trip from Florence to Siena

23 Oct: Florence

24 Oct: Pisa, staying at Lucca

25-26 Oct: Cinque Terra, staying at Ostello Cinque Terra, +39.0187.929215

27-30 Oct: Southern France

31 Oct: Training back to London

1-6 Nov: In and around Cranfield

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