Entered on 24 November 2003 at 9:25 a.m..

Back in the USA

So, I've heard that my vacation did not meet with the approval of my readers. After a bit of badgering I thought I'd let you know how I've been doing.

I've been back for just over two weeks now and am readjusting fairly well. I miss England though. Despite how many places I've moved from I've never ached for some place as much as I have been aching for England. I just kept having this feeling that I'd be going home soon, only home wasn't Poquoson. I've also never felt like such an outsider. It is strange, but I actually don't want to fit in any more. I often wanted to scream, I'm not from here (even though I am).

The thing I miss most about England, besides driving my little purple car, is the BBC. England is such a small country I often felt well involved in English politics and such. The BBC is also very good at making the British public at large feel at the center of the world. Might just be a hold over from the old empire, but I guess it is even more apparent since the role of the US media seems to be exactly the opposite (keep the american audience from knowing about anything outside of US borders).

In other logistical news, I've found an apartment in Atlanta. I'll be living in Centenial place in a townhouse style flat. Bedrooms and laundry upstairs and the rest downstairs. It's close to Tech, just 2 blocks south of the campus. I plan to walk or cycle to work. We've gotten a really good deal on rent and that has helped me to buy furniture (headboard, matress, couch, loveseat, dresser, nightstand, etc.)

My mother and I will be taking all my stuff down next monday to set up the place before Steven's Graduation on the 13th.

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