Entered on 05 January 2004 at 8:12 a.m..

First Day of School

Yep its the first day of school. I've been up since 6:30 trying to get a jump on the day. Mondays are my most hectic days. I'm only taking 4 classes and 3 of them meet on Monday. The rest of the week I've only got 1 class per day to worry about.

I'm so nervous, and thanks to the wonderful atlanta weather today could be early September. There is over 100% humidity and it should reach the upper 60s today. This is beach weather (except for the rain) in the UK. Last night my room was so warm I slept with the fan on. This morning I had a strange sense of dejavu as I remembered getting up all those years in highschool to the subtle hum of a ceiling fan.

Trying to be a good American I got here at about 8. Can I find anyone I need; noooo. So after scrambling to get in on time, I'm here in the lounge typing to you guys. Sigh. Any other day and it wouldn't matter, but today I have to wait to get my key.

OK, I'm off to search for the key man again.

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