Entered on 07 January 2004 at 7:15 p.m..


Sorry I'm late, but I'm having to get used to my new routine. Thanks to Steven showing me how to tighten my handle bars, I got to use my new bicycle for the first time today. I got to peddle to the gym in the dark and enjoy the glow from my front and rear lights that were powered by an attached wheel generator. I was freezing as the temperature here this morning was pushing the 20s, but hey I got half my workout before even reaching the "CRC" gym.

The new building has great views of the Atlanta skyline, and I enjoyed watching the darkeness melt from the sky. It just seems very peaceful to watch the sunrise. By the time I peddled home the sun was up, so I disengaged my generator. So far so good, but I think the tires need more air. And it even works with my skirts, although I think some people are seeing more of my poka-dotted tights than they wanted too. Oh well, they are warm and it is cold outside.

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