Entered on 30 January 2004 at 9:16 a.m..

Breaking each other in

As everyone who has ever lived with someone else knows there is a period of time where you "break the other person in" or try to either adapt them to you or yourself to them. I can attest to trying desperately to trying to adapt Becca to myself and losing.

Brian and I are currently going through the same thing. Brian's current trying-to-adapt Karen is getting me to close the drawers on my side of the bathroom. This morning I cam home from the gym, to find little sticky notes on the open drawers with messages like, "close me, I'm cold" and "me too" on the one below it.

I hope you all find this as amusing as I did. I'm going to have to retaliate by writing a note on the toothpaste saying, "squeeze me here" so that he'll stop squeezing from the middle. :)

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