Entered on 03 February 2004 at 10:51 a.m..


For my decision support class I have to email my professor my hobby. Yep, that's the homework for this week. Last week's was birth place, the week before major. Not too difficult right? Well this weeks is particularly difficult for me.

I almost feel like it needs an explanation. I don't really have any regular hobbies. I get bored of doing things too quickly for that. For instance volleyball is a hobby (but not right now) so to is softball. I like to hike too, but haven't done too much of that lately. I like to travel, but is that really a hobby?

I asked myself what is it that I do with my spare time. It seems that I read and cook. I decided that eating couldn't be considered a genuine hobby. I also watch TV and listen to the radio (via the internet). I attend aerobics or go to the gym, but I don't really consider that a hobby so much as necessary. What I should have put down is 'organize my life' because I like to do that. It seems that I spend an extraordinary amount of time making lists and checking things off.

In other news I attended a deep water aerobic class today to see if it would be easier on my knee. It was mostly easier on my knee (except lateral motion), but it wasn't very aerobic. More of a good muscle resistance work out. But it was fairly relaxing, so maybe I'll continue to go. It will probably be good for my arms.

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