Entered on 09 February 2004 at 8:18 a.m..

Sick weekend

I had a really good time this weekend, which is unexpected since I've been nursing a head cold since Thursday. It began on Friday evening when Brian and I went out to dinner with Heather & her husband, Henry. This was the first time that I'd met Henry, and I was in inspection mood. My verdict is very good, I like him a lot. He was nice, personable, and able to carry on a conversation really well. I know that my opinion really doesn't matter, but never-the-less it makes me feel better knowing that I aprove of the people that my friends marry. I'm sure if we lived closer together, we'd end up doing lots together. Heather herself, was good. She is enjoying her job, and they are both excited about their upcoming move to Rome.

Saturday Brian and I went Jean shopping. After 30 minutes we'd found Brian a pair, but I gave up after 2.5 hours. I refuse to pay >$60 dollars for a pair of jeans that will need to be altered to fit and will break down in 2 years... I even went into one store where the jeans were $98 and I had to sign a list to wait my turn at the 3 dressing rooms! I gave up in frustration.

I figure for $100 I should be able to have custom jeans made by some nice migrant. Sigh. I also hate jean shopping because the way the stores run around here, I am just this side of obese. Which is not true, I'm actually pretty much middle of the pack (not thin, not fat) Anyway you'd think that with all the small sizes still lining the rack at the end of the season they'd adjust their inventory, instead of telling me how lucky I am that they still have my size. I become very biligerent when shop attendants insinuate that my size is an unhealthy one. GRR. So I'm still in desperate need of jeans, as my one nicer pair continues to acrue holes.

Then on Sunday, Steven went out and bought Brian and I a thank you gift for keeping him and his piles. It was over and above what was required. He bought us one of those jumbo Ionic Breeze air filters with a UV light to kill viruses and microbes. Luckily they are running a special so that if you buy one full price, you can buy additional ones at half price. So when Steven get's his place Brian and I will buy him one, and bring the gift down to a more reasonable level. Anyway, it has been a fun toy, and the apartment smells cleaner already.

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