Entered on 16 February 2004 at 9:26 a.m..

And the verdict is...

That I have indeed re-torn my ACL. Stupid, british, bastards... OK so what does this mean for Karen. Well first it means surgery (and soon), tentatively scheduled for March 4th, if I can convince Brian and my mother to take care of me. Second, it means pain, and lots of physical therapy. Which could be good. Thirdly it means money. The lady is supposed to get back to me with how much. Luckily for me, my savings should cover it. Fourthly it means lots of work. Must get midterm done early, must get paper done early.

The good news is that lots seems to have changed since I last had this thing done, and I should be walking within hours of my surgery. I should be walking without crutches within two weeks. Plus no braces. Just rock-hard quads. And as I'm having a hamstring reconstruction this time, I'm supposed to have less pain.

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