Entered on 03 March 2004 at 8:27 a.m..

Fast & Furrious

This week has been like the Tech I remember. I've been flying from one place to another, with very little time to think. On Friday my CogSci Prof. gave us our takehome mid-term which is due this Wednesday in class. It is horribly long- 10 questions, which require about 1 hour each to answer. So most of my spare time has been spent on that. Add to that the other weekly assignments that I have plus trying to get ahead so that my missing this Thursday and Friday can go un-noticed. Plus I've got 3 projects looming in the next 2 months and one more take home mid-term. I personally think that time unlimited mid-tersms should be illegal. If a class is only worth 3 credit hours you shouldn't be expected to spend 10+ hours on a mid-term...

No message tomorrow, I'll be under the knife :) And then hopefully walking around very slowly. I'm hoping to use these 2 weeks to build up some muscle mass in my tricepts and upper back... But will most likely just end up with sore hands and arms. My mom comes in tonight and I'm sure that she will document things with my digital camera for your general amusement! Wish me well and hopefully I'll get to use my bicycle again soon.

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