Entered on 15 March 2004 at 8:24 a.m..

Hobbling Back to Work

Well my vacation is now over, and while I can think of more enjoyable ways to spend my spring break, this one actually wan't all that bad. First many thanks to my Mom and Brian for waiting on me in my dazed state.

Overall the surgery went really well. I had some problems with the anesthesia and so didn't keep any food down that first Thursday and only partially on Friday. After that I was mostly tired. But my physical therapists took me in hand and hooked me up to an "electrical stimulation machine" which is code for shock therapy. That woke the ole muscles up. On Wednesday they had me for over an hour, half of which I spent getting shocked. Unfortunately for me I'm allergic to steri-strips, which are these little pieces of tape that they use to close up incisions instead of stitches. So my knee became really nasty looking as of Wednesday. It looks like I've got a really good case of poison something, and it itches constantly. So far they've put me on steroids and antibiotics. Hopefully it will stop itching soon.

The good news is that I am up and hobbling without crutches (much to my mother and Brian's horror). I think that they believe that I'm more likely to hurt myself without my crutches than with them, but I believe otherwise.

Now I'm back at work and trying to "get comfortable" and get some work done...

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