Entered on 17 March 2004 at 8:17 a.m..

Things to Say

Somedays I feel I have nothing to say and then other days I have thousands of things to say -- so much so that I keep coming up with new ones and losing the old ones.

1) The weather here for the past week has been beautiful, and since my allergy meds are holding, I'm quite enjoying it.

2) I'm itchy. All over. I try not to dwell on any one body part, because then it begins to itch. I'll leave out the details, but lets just say that I'm discovering little red bumps in random places. This morning I found a few on the inside of my upper arm. Sigh. Mom wants me to go back to the doc, but I'm reluctant. What more can they do to me? Becca suggested a shot in my butt (similar to how they treated her poison ivy) but I think that was just a steriod shot, and I've already been on those. Best not to think about things really.

3) I'm trying to decide whether to stay at GT over the summer or try for an internship somewhere else. Amy and my lab mates are leaning toward me staying, and since that would be the simplist thing I'm inclined to agree. I just wish there were more relevant courses being offered. Looks like it's gonna be a summer of statistics hell. :)

4) I hate business. For my human decision support class my mid term is to "develop a multi-attribute utility model of the merger decision betwenn HP and Compaq using 3 classes of stake holders: shareholders, employees, customers. We are to find our own data. So if any of you out there are business buffs and want to point me in the direction of good articles on this merger (which address the concerns of my stakeholders) I'd be very appreciative!

5) Someone stole my sprite out of the fridge yesterday causing me to have to hobble down stairs and get another one. This angers me to no end. Why do people steal things? A few weeks ago someone stole my cookie from the fridge too. ARG. I'm going to have to stop putting junk food in the fridge. The 2 diet sodas haven't been touched.

6) Peter H. defends his PhD today. Everyone send calming vibes his way, or he's likely to talk so fast that the poor committee will be more lost than normal.

7)Happy St. Patrick's Day

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