Entered on 18 March 2004 at 8:31 a.m..

No coat = no pockets

As I've mentioned the weather here has been really nice. So I've stopped wearing my coat the past few days. This is a really liberating feeling after 2 years of solid coat wearing. However it brings about a problem. You see because I always wore a coat, I used to keep my wallet, keys, mobile, etc in the coat pockets. Now I've got to transfer them somewhere. I'm not a big purse person, so I've switched to my backpack and other clothing pockets. This works most of the time, but not always, and so I'm having to think much harder about if I have everything before I leave home or my office. Looks like I might have to start carrying a purse. Sigh. I don't mind purses (as long as that is the only bag I'm carrying). What I hate is carrying a purse and a backpack.

In other news my dad comes to visit today! He's involved with GT stuff and earned an award last year. Apparently part of this award is dinner tonight, so off we go. Then he's got some parent's association meeting on Saturday morning.

At the two week point my knee is looking pretty normal shape wise. The horrible looking break out is subsiding, and peeling. However the secondary hive-like red bumps are still in full force. But the good news is that I managed to sleep through the night without any anti-histamines or narcotics. Not bad eh? Well I was proud.

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