Entered on 19 March 2004 at 8:19 a.m..

Where the money is

Yesterday my dad came into town because he'd been named "Best Friend to Georgia Tech" by the alumni association last year. So he and a date (me) got to go to the Piedmont Driving Club for an alumni awards dinner. Wow, now I know where all the old or pretending to be old money is at. I felt like I was back in Europe with the interior decor and architecture. The dinner was really nice (great food) and the awards were a lot of fun to listen too. They awarded honorary alumni awards, outstanding young alumni, and the Petit award. I got to see the new Dean of Engineering speak. Yep lots of fun. I think we were seated among all the "big dollar spenders", because they all seemed to know each other. The acceptance speaches included some amusing anicdotes about old tech icons and traditions.

The most amusing thing about the night was speculating as to what a 'driving club' was and whether it had ever had a golf course attached.

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