Entered on 22 March 2004 at 9:12 a.m..

Weekend Recap

So my dad came into town for a visit Thursday, Friday & Saturday. It was a whirlwind trip, especially compared to the 10 day trip my mom made to take care of me. Amazing how much longer a visit seems when you are unable to move from the couch for most of it. But my Dad and I did get to spend some time together and catch up, which was really nice. It is interesting to me, how much you realize that you miss different attributes about a person when they come to visit, that you had seemingly forgotten about.

So by Saturday afternoon it was just back to Brian and I. Brian and I have settled into a routine, where we usually cook a nice (i.e. experimental) meal on Saturday. This Saturday was no exception, so after determining that my idea of hotdogs did not fit the experimental or exciting bill, Brian suggested that we have tuna steaks. Now I'm not a big fish lover, but I remember that once Irwin grilled some Tuna steaks and that they were really good. So off we went. After Karen corrupted them with a sauce (which Brian meant for dipping and Karen meant for marinading) Brian proceeded to make an excessive amount of smoke, apparently ruin a pan, and create an extremely scrumptious meal. All this despite his instance that we return to the hotdog idea, and forget that he ever suggested that he could possibly make tuna steaks. They turned out fantastic, and the pan actually wasn't ruined, or even very difficult to clean. So once we find a cheaper place to buy tuna steaks I'm sure we'll be having them more often.

As far a school news goes, April is going to be stress filled and horribly busy. Sigh, welcome back to Tech. So if you find that I don't update often or sound rather frazzled when I do update; you've been warned.

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