Entered on 23 March 2004 at 8:25 a.m..

Teaching is hard work

And I have a very low tolerance level for those who seek to 'teach on the cheap' either in terms of time or effort. My Human Decision Support prof is doing just that, trying to teach on the cheap. So instead of having a class that knows what the hell is going on, we have a class of confused (and dangerous) grad students. I say that we are dangerous, because we've been armed with equations that we don't understand, and we might one day find ourselves helping a government to decide whether they should invest their money in infrastructure to bring water to their people or to buy a few hundred more tanks.

OK so hopefully no one in my class will ever try to apply 'what we've learned' to any serious situation, but you get my point. We essentially have 4 weeks left of class in which he has scheduled 6 separate classperiods worth of work. Time and space have no meaning to this man. Oh well. Because we actually only have 3 more weeks to get a project together (we present on the 4th week) I've teamed up with one of the other girls in the class and our project is going to be a decision support tool to help people decide what is the best kind of internet service to subscribe to. We'll leave saving mankind to the other guys.

So if anyone out there has some specific considerations about how they chose their internet operator, please feel free to let me know. It will help us from falling on our faces during a demo 4 weeks hence.

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