Entered on 25 March 2004 at 12:06 p.m..

The pollen is back!!!

Yes, for those of you who've ever lived in Atlanta, you know that spring brings just one thing: lots of yellow pollen. I began noticing it this morning, as Silver has taken on a decidedly gold appearance. It isn't too thick yet, cars still have color and the streets aren't gold, but soon it will be everywhere! I'm hoping for rain. We haven't had rain in a while here and the humidity is so low my hair is straight. Strange huh? Climate change perhaps. I'm not too bothered by the humidity, the heat has begun and I'm in for a miserable summer as I re-adjust to the heat.

Today is all about writing my paper on distributed cognition. Right now I'm no page 3 of a minimum of 10 pages. Hopefully that with the rest of the day today and some time on Sunday I'll get it knocked out. I need to start getting the bigger things off my list.

OK off to physical therapy.

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