Entered on 31 March 2004 at 10:02 a.m..

Knee Update -- 4 week point

So tomorrow will be the 4 week point for my new ACL. I had my 1 month apt with Dr. X this morning and he's pleased with my progress. In two weeks he'll let me bend my knee past 90 degrees, which will make going down stairs much easier. Right now I'm up and around with out limping (over short disances). I can lift 4 pounds straight legged in all 4 directions while laying down (on my back straight lifts, on my left and right side, and on my stomach). Yesterday I was even allowed on the stair master. So now, Dr. X wants me in the gym. I see him again in 8 weeks, when I'm supposed to come back with identical looking legs (the left one is significantly smaller right now). Then if all is going well he'll clear me to run. Clearly he doesn't realize how poor of a runner I was to begin with.

Work is going well, and it is going fast and furrious. Sigh, I'll be better when April is over.

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