Entered on 01 April 2004 at 8:30 a.m..

The wasp hunter

I wanted to relate to you all a funny story about a mighty wasp hunter whom I met this weekend, we'll call him Brian. Brian, went off to galantly fight the wasp roaming around my living room. He was armed with a fly swatter, but deciding that his chances of hitting the wasp on the first swing weren't very good, so he further armed himself with the only aerosol spray we have in the house: lysol. Anyone laughing yet? I was in stiches.

Now the stalking began. For about 5 minutes he watched the wasp, hoping that it would land somewhere. Eventually the wasp made its fatal move, and Brian pounced. Lysol went flying and the wasp emerged unscathed, but bacteria free. Eventually though it took its toll and Brian was able to swat it with our flyswatter.

Triumphant he emerged.

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