Entered on 13 April 2004 at 9:21 a.m..

Still Running Around

Easter has come and gone. Brian and I celebrated in the traditional grad student manner, we did church and ham and then broke out the laptops to continue working.

Other than that school is crazy. Status report reads something like this. I've still got about 2 hours worth of work on my 6795 paper. I've got about 2 hours of corrections to my code for 6223, and I've got lots of stuff left to do on my 6205 class. In fact that class will eat just about all the time not taken up by pressing needs like sleeping, rehab and eating.

In addition to the "projects" I've got the normal course work. Which is about 10 hours a week for 6795 (except when he give us 200 pages to read per class), 8 hours a week for 6205 and 3 hours a week for 6223 and 5 hours a week for 4009 (which I'm auditing and doing homework for).

Not too bad you say? Well here's my schedule for the coming weeks:

April 12-14 Atlanta working on school

April 15-16 San Francisco at a NASA project meeting

April 16-22 Atlanta working on school specifically a take home final due on the 23rd, a final presentation on the 20th.

April 23-28 Munich for Wolff's wedding

April 29-30 Atlanta finishing up any of my 6205 project that I didn't finish

May 1 Buffalo, NY for a family event

May 2-3 Ashtabula, OH visiting with Grandma's

May 4-8 Poquoson, VA visiting with Mom & Dad

May 9 Atlanta, sleeping

May 10 Summer semester starts!

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