Entered on 16 April 2004 at 11:52 p.m..

CA blurr

Well my whirl wind trip to CA is almost over. I've spent most of it in a Jet-lagged haze. So I'm going to appologize in advance for the typos.

Right now it really feels like midnight to me, but it is only really 9. Sigh. The meeting went really well and I feel like I know a whole lot more about ATC expecially about the Southern California TRACON and the LA Center. This will be especially helpful with the project we are working on for NASA. Unfortunately the meeting wasn't very well organized, but between Anuj and I we managed to figure out most of what we needed to know. The rest of what we need to know we'll have to drag out of them later.

The highlight of the trip was meeting up with Jen O. For a while there I thought it wasn't going to happen, because although I was staying in a hotel in Silicon Valley, there was no internet access in my hotel, nor was any available at our meeting site. Sigh. So without a phone number, I had to beg a secretary (who doesn't really take network security seriously) to allow me to send Jen an email. Eventually though after a series of phone calls, I got Jen's number. Many thanks to my fact finding team: Becca and Sarah.

I drove up to Stanford, met up with Jen. We had dinner and she introduced me to "bubble tea" which is cold flavored tea with tapioca beads in the bottom" Very interesting. Then we headed back to her place, and toured around campus for a bit. Stanford is very pretty, and very flat. That was probably why we were almost run over several times by wizzing bicycles. It was really good to see Jen. Sometimes it amazes me how such a little thing can make the trip seem worth the hassle. The meeting definitely wasn't worth it.

OK, I'm really tired now. Good night.

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