Entered on 29 April 2004 at 8:43 p.m..

Wolff's Wedding

Well Brian and I made it back to the US safely after a 14 hour journey yesterday. We are still on some timezone out in the middle of the atlantic. I took some pictures and thought you'd all like to see them.

First up are the best people. Starting from the left: Mike (The best man), Brian, Katrine (Wolff's Sister)

Next, Allison and Dave friends of Wolff and fellow Atlantans.

Of course, you will recognize these people: Brian and Wolff. See how perky we all look with only a few hours of sleep.

We were all part of the civil ceremony, which happened before the church ceremony.

After the wedding Brian and I went to Salzburg for a day. This is a picture of a window display of chocolate bugs. They were so cute, I thought you should all get a chance to see them.

Lastly, the two of us in Austria.

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