Entered on 23 May 2004 at 6:33 p.m..

Flower Box

While in England I was inspired by the magnificent gardens I saw. They were often tiny, but immaculately kept and cared for. I was most impressed by the window boxes that many people had. I decided that I wanted to try to keep one of my own. So I've begun with one small flower box hanging off of my back porch railing. The project began back in March when my mother came down to help me recover from surgery. And much like all plants that are touched by the "Kathleen" (as she is known by plants around the country), most of the flowers in my box committed suicide.

This, I thought is going to take expert help. So I sought out the help of one RM Wells, and this weekend we proceded to try again at the flower box. The pictures shown below are our efforts 1 day out. Hopefully it will continue to live and thrive. I will post more pictures as things begin to bloom.

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