Entered on 27 May 2004 at 8:56 a.m..

So bright, yet so slow

Yes, I am suffering from another brilliant professor, who cannot seem to teach his way out of a paper bag. This Friday we have our first exam in that class. He spent the first two weeks doing random examples, and not even complete random examples, just pieces of them. Then he got mad because we didn't do our homework the way he wanted. You see he was teaching us one way to solve the problems (or so he thought in his head), but the problems he assigned were from the text book, which solved them a completely different way. Only then, did he decide that maybe it would be useful to teach us the theory using, oh-my-god matrix notation/theory. So only this week did he decide to actually post his notes, from which he is teaching. Hmm, didn't it ever cross his mind that we might actually benefit from seeing these notes? Sigh. So one day before the test, we finally get to see the real theory behind the method. It is times like these that I think I couldn't possibly be a worse professor than this.

But this morning instead of trying to digest theory I'm off to do battle with the library micro-fiche machines. Last time I tried to get a copy of a 35 page NASA report it took me 3.5 hours. Let's see if I've learned my lesson now!

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