Entered on 09 June 2004 at 9:06 a.m..

English Rain

Atlanta is finally getting some much needed rain. Monday I rode home with a makeshift poncho made out of a super large trash bag. Yesterday I got rained on when walking to the library, and today the English rain has began. English rain is so light and fine that if you stand still you might not realize it is raining at all. Water floats lazily down from the sky almost like snow. So anyway I rode into work today through that. The sky is rather overcast and I doubt that it will clear up today.

In case I didn't tell you, I've begun tutoring a Bosnian refugee in english. Tonight I have my second tutoring session. Hopefully it will go better than the last. I'm going to go bum forms off of people today so we can practice filling them out. So if anyone knows of some useful forms available on the internet that would be useful for a person with limited english to be able to complete, please send them on. Also if you have any suggestions of situations a girl about my age, who is trying to be independent, please send them along. It is one of these types of things that once you start thinking about them is hard to pin down.

My flower box continues to grow. Here's a picture from last Saturday. I love these pink flowers, but they only last about 24 hours...

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