Entered on 11 June 2004 at 9:24 a.m..


Well today (around 7am EST) I was officially awarded my MPhil. Since I wasn't there to receive it I'm assuming that they will mail it to me. So now I can write my name with an MPhil at the end. This will surely confuse everyone outside of the UK, and hopefully be a good conversation starter.

Today feels rather surreal. I can remember sitting in Cranfield before my defense thinking, "that in 9 months, I'll be back at tech." I remember wondering what my life would be like, and now that I'm here those thoughts seem rather odd.

In other news, the summer has begun here. Today is the first really humid day we've had. My hair is going wild and I'm sweating heavily. No real plans for the weekend and work today should be tedious and boring. Sigh. I hope my friends working for the Fed enjoy their day off. Except that is for Heather and Henry, who need to take this day to try to sraighten out their employer, the State Department. What the heck is going on over there guys? How difficult is it to count people who were killed by terrorism? For goodness sake all it would take is a nice troll through the NYTimes archives.

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