Entered on 22 June 2004 at 9:11 a.m..

Weekend Activities

This past weekend was good, but busy. On Friday I went to see the new Harry Potter and was blown away by movie prices. Good grief. As it stands now, it makes so much more sense to invest in an in-home theater system. On Saturday I went kayak touring on Carter's Lake in northern GA. It was beautiful, and with the exceptions of the power boats, nice and calm. We practiced falling out of the boat, getting back in and pumping the water out. All of which was lots of fun since both the air and the water were nice and warm. I didn't get too much sun, which was nice. Infact the hardest thing about kayaking was holding the paddle up for long periods. Essentially kayaking involves holding the paddle up while you stroke, this quickly takes a toll. Then Sunday Brian's family came down with a friend of his' family. We all went to the ball game where we sweated while watching the Indians beat the Braves!! Yeah!!We had great seats allong the 3rd base line, but I would have preferred cheaper seats further back in the shade.

Also for those of you who read Jen's journal, she had some rather poinant comments about moving on. It is probably the best way I've ever heard it put. There are perks to staying put all your life.

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