Entered on 25 June 2004 at 9:25 a.m..

Upcoming events

This weekend is another busy one. I'm going to a friend of mine's wedding up in Princeton, NJ. It should be a lot of fun, and serve as a mini class reunion. We fly up to Newark (one of my least favorite airports) on Saturday and then rent a car to drive down to princeton. Both the wedding and reception are on campus, but unfortunately our hotel is not. So there is lots of potential for getting lost, especially since you cannot turn left in New Jersey. We will fly back on Sunday morning. Wiki wiki

In other news, last night Brian and I continued our cullinary experiments. Since the woman I tutor every wednesday lives out near the farmer's market, it gives me the perfect opportunity to stop by on my way home. This oppens up lots of possibilities for dinner on Thursday nights, especially sea food. We often cook tuna steaks, and last night we made scallop & shrimp linguini & fresh bruschetta. Mmmmm. I wasn't a big fan of the scallops (not drenched in quite enought olive oil or butter) but the shrimp and the bruschetta were aswsome!

Today I've got more work to do. Need to look for a weather data set for LAX which includes wind direction. I have some regression analysis homework, and I need to format some airspace geometry data for the simulator.

My big plans this evening involve a wal-mart trip to pick up my new contacts/glasses and other stuff. (wow, I know everyone reading this is jealous)

My thoughts on the parenthesis: I use parenthesis because writing as a stream of conciousness requires some inventiveness that wasnt around when the rules were formed.

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