Entered on 06 July 2004 at 11:48 a.m..

Needing more Lysol

Brian and I have begun to notice more wildlife in our apartment, now that the summer is in full swing. We don't often see much of it in life, but there are tell-tale carcasses scattered around. Unfortunately one of the re-appearing "guests" in our apartment is a large roach. It is about 1.5 inches long and has made several solo appearances. All attempts to catch/kill it have been futile.

I had to tell you about Brian's last attempt and the reason we need mor lysol (or perhaps something stronger). Having corrnered the roach (why he had the lysol in his hand I'll never know). He was unable to get it with the fly swatter (because of the geometry of our fly swatter, and the corner. So he decided to get it to move by spraying it with the lysol. Unfortuantely, this did not have the same effect on the roach, as it did on the wasp. Consequently the roach proceeded to quickly scamper through Brian's legs and away while Brian desparately tried to kill it. Picture if you will a baseball player swinging at a fast ball and missing. Yes the roach was definitely faster than the Brian. I was busily cowering during at this point, so I have heard all of this second hand.

Any and all donations of Lysol, or your other favorite roach killing/cleaning substance are greatly appreciated.

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