Entered on 13 July 2004 at 9:28 a.m..

Twitchy's End

Now I know all of you out there have been eagerly awaiting the news of how well my new and purpose built roach killer workes. And those of you right-to-lifer's out there want to know whether Twitchy (my name for the roach) has survived or not, having become immune to the lysol. I am said/happy to report that Twitchy twitched his last sometime yesterday afternoon, when his body finally realized that his head was gone. You see I encountered twitchy on my way to the gym yesterday morning. I then employed the spray to daze him and the fly swatter to shatter him. I only managed to de-capitate him, before I had to leave. So now we get to see if Twitchy lived alone or not.

In non-roach related news, I'm fine. I've got one more midterm this week, and then (hopefully) just one final in two weeks. My running is coming along well, and I've dropped down to seeing my physical therapist every two weeks.

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