Entered on 20 July 2004 at 2:00 p.m..

Police Explorers

For those of you who have spent a summer or two on campus you know that Tech is a nice quiet, calm, almost relaxing place during this time. (Mostly because all of auxillary services shuts down to save money, and students are forced to look elsewhere for food). The calm is broken only by the occasional FASET, or sports camp. This week however things are different. The Police Explorer Scouts have descended! There are 5,000 of them. And they have brought more law enforcement officers to this campus than there were even during the olympics. It is all very cute to see 14 year-olds running around in swat-like uniforms. And due to their presence, dining services has come alive again. However they also come with loud toys. Specifically sirens, and hand guns. So far I've heard the sirens a bit, and only seen mention of the hand guns (they have some shooting competitions). All and all very strange. Just thought you'd all like to know what's going on at your alma matter.

In work news, I'm currently pondering how to measure a system's safety. If you have any suggestions, esp. with the view towards ATC systems, feel free to send them along.

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