Entered on 26 July 2004 at 4:34 p.m..

Too much fun

Today has been really good. I've gotten work done. I've had social interaction. But on top of that today was good because of 3 major reasons:

1) They are finally moving the new equipment in to the new SAC (officially dubbed the CRC). After 3 years and lots of student fees, the whole building will finally be operational on the 16th (or so they promise.) Even though that's a few weeks off yet, finally seeing them cart the new equipment in, is a really good feeling.

2) The new Yahoo messenger came out. The reason this is good, is because it has more smileys. For those of you who don't use Yahoo messenger, or don't know what a smiley is. A smiley is a set of key strokes like :) in yahoo messenger if you type one of these then you get an actual picture. Recently the pictures have become animated. This makes them very good at expressing emotions. I have a lot of fun with them.

3) I didn't have class at 12 today. I got to eat lunch at the same time as normal people!!! Yes, it is the little things that give me the most pleasure...

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