Entered on 29 September 2004 at 9:00 a.m..

Catch Up

OK I'm back from my week long hiatus. Lots of stuff going on in my life right now, mostly school related. In fact my life outside of school has pretty much disappeared this semester. So to recap:
This weekend involved ashopping trip to Wal-Mart, cleaning, cooking, coding and laundry. Attempting more recipies from my new cooking magazine (yes I've decided that I need help expanding my cooking range. The meal used just about every pot Brian and I own and took about 3 hours. In the end it was pretty good, but probably had a week's worth of saturated fat. Everything included butter... Maybe that's why it all tasted so good.

Then the week was on, I had something due every day: Vet my experimental interface -- Monday, Teach about reliability and validity -- Tuesday, Technique article -- Wednesday, Teach about region IV in the superfund -- Thursday, finalized experimental tasks -- Friday.

Then to make things more fun on Sunday night, I get an email from Amy asking me to turn in an abstract for a conference in April. The abstract is due Thursday, and she's in France all week. Sigh.

The good news, is that due to other circumstances, my class on Tuesday was cancelled, and my editor wrote to tell me that they didn't need my article this week. So all is going well, and a head of schedule.

My dad arrives tomorrow for parent's weekend. So tonight will also involve cleaning the apartment.

Fun, fun, fun. More later...

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