Entered on 20 October 2004 at 9:30 a.m..

Almost Done

Well at this point, I've worked all weekend. Usually 8 hours solid, with no break and managed to run 15 people through my experiment. Yeah. I've only managed to screw up the data recording or experiment with 3 of them, and since I need 16 good runs total, I just need 4 more people. (Barring any further gaffs). So hopefully by this time Friday, GT will have beaten Virginia Tech and I will be done running my experiment.

Then it is on to the exciting word of data coding, and data analysis. Ooh, Aaah. I know you are all extremely excited.

Other than that I've been sleeping. On Friday, I took a day off and went down to see Steve on his 8 hour pass. Talk about needing sleep. It is a good thing that the Army declares that tranee rangers are not alowed to drive, because he would surely have killed himself or others. I just hope they don't give them any live amunitition... He had classic symptoms of sleep deprevation: no short term memory, inability to focus, inability to make decisions quickly. It was quite amusing to watch, because now a-days no civilian would be able to carry out experiments like this. The good news is that he has now made it through the first of three phases.

He is currently in phase 2, up in the "mountains" of northern Georgia. If he makes it through this phase (which will end on the 5th of November) he will then move on to phase 3, in the swam land of Florida. And if all goes well he will graduate the day before thanksgiving back in Columbus, Georgia.

He's restricted from receiving any packages, but can receive basic mail. Although, if it looks like it contains contraband (deodorant, food, pain killers, etc.), they watch him open it... So if you are bored, or just want to send him a note, drop me a line and I'll provide his address.

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