Entered on 20 November 2004 at 9:10 a.m..

Up for air

OK, I'm coming up for air. I now have spent way too long on my data analysis. I also know way too much about statistics -- not just the standard ones, but ALL of them. I actually had a stats professor tell me, "you now know as much as I know." I've still got another paper due by Dec. 2 and a report due around that time too, that I haven't really begun to think about... Sigh.

So if you want to find me, I suggest you call.

You Are From Jupiter

You are exuberantly curious - and you love to explore newness.
Enthusiastic and optimistic, you get a kick out of stimulating intellectual discussions.
Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you. You love the outdoors, animals, and freedom.
Chances are you tend to exaggerate, so try to keep a lid on that.
If you do, you'll continue to be known for your confidence, generosity, and sense of justice.

What Planet Are You From?

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