Entered on 08 December 2004 at 9:20 a.m..

New Toy

After almost a month of waiting, my new external hard drive finally arrived yesterday. Actually it arrived here on the 22nd, but due to a series of poor handling by the GT postal servide I was only informed of its arrival yesterday, and only because I called the people from whom I ordered it.

Anyway, I was happy last night as I was playing with my new toy. I got all of my pictures from Peru safely stored, and can now send the CD's along to Houston. For those of you uninvolved in this purchase, the short story of the problem is that I had run out of storage space on my laptop's hard drive. And Irwin had the BRILLIANT idea of purchasing a hard drive that would plug into my wirless router via ethernet. Brilliant. So now I have extra storrage space without the hassle of plugging it into my computer! It is just like mapping a network drive. Yes, I am very excited.

Other than that I turned in my Public Policy paper in yesterday. My latest draft of the journal paper is in Amy's hands. So today will either be work on the Air Transportation report, more work on the Journal paper or work on a paper for a conference. It all depends on my motivation and if Amy hands the paper back with comments.

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