Entered on 15 December 2004 at 9:28 a.m..

Cookie Cheer

The best part about making cookies is distributing them. I have so much fun doing this. Sometimes, however tracking down certain recipients is difficult. Last year it took the mail man 2 days to realize that a plate full of cookies was blocking my cubby-whole, not just accumulated mail... We'll see if he's any faster on the up-take this year.

In other news, it is COLD here. We've had hard freezes for both of the past two evenings. The leaking water from the apartment complex sprinkler syste has frozen (I almost slipped on the black ice yesterday).

That, and I'm all alone, and un-motivated. I just need a break after a crazy semester. I am completely un-motivated to begin a conference paper, which is what I'm supposed to be doing. Instead I spent all afternoon yesterda trying to use my and my mother's sky miles to pay for our flight to Italy this spring. The lady almost laughed out loud when I told her what we wanted to do. Of course, thisis what I expected, and why I do not put much effort/stock into collecting my sky miles. Aparently we could do what we want (use my mother's miles to get a free business class ticket, and use my miles to upgrade a regular ticket to business class) if we were to go next October. But with the minor annoyance of my comprehensive examinations, would be a great choice... So I sat on the phone with this lady for over an hour. In the end the best we could do was: Atlanta-Philadelphia-Madrid-Rome and something as equally crazy home again. Total cost to use our sky miles: $1845.16 Is anyone else laughing yet?

As I said this is not surprising to me. However my mother has been conversing with another Delta representative for a few months now about the possibility of doing just this, and he had assured her that it could be done. So, she was a little upset. However, she is determined to call this guy back and see if she gets a better answer from him...I will keep you all posted on our progress.

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