Entered on 04 September 2003 at 9:39 a.m..

The saga continues

I guess you are all interested to know what happened with the asian man from yesterday. Well, when I called him back to tell him that I could bring the car down today at around 2pm, he told me he would be out of the office then and really wanted me to bring the car between 5:30-6pm. I told him that my friends couldn't make it at that time, and then he told me he was going to come up here this evening to look at the car. He is supposed to call at around 4 to firm up the details. So the saga continues. I'll keep you all informed.

In other news I'm writing up my discussion/conclusion section. My only problem is that I'm having troble deciding what to conclude. Normally I don't have any problem wrapping things up. My biggest challenge is usually starting things off. I feel like quoting Becca for my conclusion, "I'm done now." However I don't think it would go down very well with the examiners.

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