Entered on 03 November 2003 at 6:42 p.m..

MPhil -- No corrections!!

Well it's over. I passed! I now semi-officially posess an MPhil. An M-what?

Yes and MPhil, which is short for Master's of Philosophy. Philosophy of what, I won't know until the diploma is issued, but at this point I don't really care. I'm just excited that it's over and I'm done. In the imortal words of Becca, "I'm done now."

Which actually isn't true because I'll be starting again in January and even if I was going to work, I'd still be starting again. I hope to never be truely done.

But at least my time here has ended on a high note. My external examiner was really pleased with my thesis, all 253 pages of it. So there it is all done. Tomorrow I run around wrapping things up and saying good bye. Wednesday I'll head down to London, and Thursday I'll hop a plane home.

So the Marshall Chronicles are almost at a close. It's sad in a way and amazingly so very sudden. I know that I'll miss this place terribly (well maybe not cranfield itself, but the UK) and will probably be the only person in tears on the plane.

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