Entered on 05 December 2003 at 3:18 p.m..

From the AE Study Lounge

Yes that's right folks, I'm updating for the first time in weeks from the AE study lounge. They've finally upgraded the computers here. Why you might ask am I in the AE study lounge? Some overwhelming desire to see the futon? No, not exactly. You see way back in March of 2001 Revonda (AE school secretary) put a hold on my account. The only problem is that it is valid until 2099, and the only place that it could be taken off is here in the AE school. Well you understand what it is like going back somewhere, you cannot just walk in and walk out again. So I've been saying hi to lots of people. And it's a good thing I did stop by because it seems that Dr. Kamat is finally retiring. His last day will be next Monday. So right now I'm waiting for him to get out of a reveiw session so that I can say hi and wish him all the best in Florida (where he's retiring to).

That's so sad. Dr. Kamat was a staple of the AE faculty and a worthy advasary of the AE Female Mofia. So I'm here in the study lounge killing time.

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