Entered on 26 December 2004 at 9:21 a.m..

Snow! & Merry Christmas

Yes, you heard me right. It is the day after Christmas, and it is snowing here. Not just a light dusting, but really heavily coming down. Probably my family's fault for watching White Christmas last night.

Christmas here was good, Mom, Grandma and Steve all liked the stuff I trucked home from Peru. My favorite gift I gave was the cordless electric stapler Dad and I found for my Mom. My best gift was probably a baby food processor. Finally some help when making bruscetta, salsa, guacomole, nut encrusted chicken etc...

Becca would claim me very domestic. Well for good reason, I didn't get anything electronic for Christmas, not that I didn't ask, but just that my list didn't get past the mom filter... Sigh.
But I did get: a longaberger basket organizer the size of my laptop, vaccum storage bages, and an XL Poquoson Seafood fest shirt that would be large on Irwin. Sigh.
It was clearly a Christmas full of good intentions. But never fear, all this can be rectified with guilt and gift cards. Not to mention that an elf has finally managed to get my list to my father...

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